MALOLO CANOE SURF offers a broad range of services and activities. Private, semi private, small groups, celebrations, bachelor and bachelorete parties. We “specialize in beginners and cowards” and are dedicated to having fun in a safe fun setting. We are thrilled to accommodate all surfers who want to expand their comfort level and experience the local area on a new level.

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Since everything we offer is in the water being able to swim is essential. To the enjoy the ocean safely it is mandatory to learn how to swim ( We offer swimming lessons for all levels in your pool and the natures pools the local tranquil bays. In addition to riding surf boards we offer our wonderful full service Hawaiian outrigger canoe experience. The Kahiki canoe (canoe from a far place) is the real deal of the summer. Outrigger canoes have deep roots in surfing culture. They are integral part the pacific ocean diaspora. They are used for fishing, transporting goods and wave riding.

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The outrigger canoe experience can be designed however one prefers. Many options, types of trips, ½ hour canoe rides, sun rise and sunset paddles, ½ day charters and full day charters and the fully immersed 2 day overnight un escorted paddling trips. The ultimate thrill of chasing and riding a canoe down the face of wave with three of your friends is amazing.