Outrigger Canoe

  • outrigger canoe wave rides AM and PM sessions
  • sunrise and sunset paddles
  • outrigger canoe trips
  • burial at sea services, love ones ashes spread to sea (flower bundles candles provided. All locations)
  • Hawaiian outrigger canoe prop for photo shoots
  • snorkeling trips

Imagine arriving at the beach at sunrise looking out at the sublime ocean as your world awakens to a new day. The canoe will be awaiting on the beach. The Captain will go over outrigger canoe paddling /safety skills, surfing etiquette and a brief history of outrigger canoeing.


Once everyone is set we will launch the canoe and begin the journey of chasing waves! Canoe surfing is the ultimate wave riding fun that the whole family can enjoy. LIFE JACKETS AND PADDLES PROVIDED.